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The Wheat and Tares J Prasch 20:20
Ten Virgins 1 J Prasch 21:26
Ten Virgins 2 J Prasch 18:36
The Talents J Prasch 17:35
The Mustard Seed J Prasch 16:39
Hidden Treasure J Prasch 7:34
The Drag Net J Prasch 11:40


What The Parables of Jesus Christ?

Parables of the Kingdom on looks at several biblical stories relating to the millennial reign of Christ following 'the end of days'.

During his public ministry, Jesus Christ told stories to illustrate and make clearer certain truths about His coming kingdom, His bride, the judgement and so on.

These movies feature top international speakers talking on compelling, controversial and challenging issues which matter to people today.

Latest Additions to the Parables Channel

New York born author and Bible expositor, Jacob Prasch, presents this mini-series.