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Fellowship Study Programmes


What is The Lamplight Project?

The Lamplight Project is a non-partisan / non-denominational 12 part Bible Study and was produced in a bid to bring many of the great Biblical topics of the Christian faith into an engaging multimedia format to help in educating those who desire understanding of the whole council of the Word of God. Join our fellowship study group as they work their way through the Project using the free Study Guide.

The interactive Study Guide can be downloaded and printed out and or used live on the internet. Click here or go to to download your guide.

Fellowship Study Programmes

NEW: Beginning in March 2018, you can join us every week as a small group of local believers gather round the kitchen table to investigate the Bible and Christianity. We will be using The Lamplight Project Study Guide and each weekly programme will be approximately 45 minutes long, leaving you plenty time afterwards to explore  the scriptures and watch the short videos via the interactive Study Guide. If you have to miss a week for any reason, don't worry - the programmes will be archived on this channel meaning you can catch up and revisit at any time.

There will also be a LIVE link every month dedicated to your questions, comments and feedback, wherever you happen to be. So come and join The Lamplight Project Fellowship Study along with thousands of other believers who will be tuning in from around the world.

While the free study guide, along with its connections to, is a stand-alone tool for personal or corporate Bible study, we highly recommend that it be used in conjunction with The Lamplight Project which is jam packed with film, graphics, illustrations and interviews from a wide range of academics, scholars and experts.