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What is GV247.TV?
What is the End Time?
Bible vs Nostradamus J Prasch 3:50
Israel in prophecy 1 J Prasch 3:22
Israel in prophecy 2 J Prasch 3:13
Prophecies on TDP J Prasch 1:50
Jews grafted back in P Williams 1:06
The Lord's coming P Williams 3:58
What is Armageddon? J Prasch 1:27
Armageddon J Prasch 4:08
What is the millennium?
Rebuilding the temple J Prasch 4:47
The beast and 666
Who or what is satan? J Prasch 1:21
Last day's deception
Global control J Prasch 4:20
Is the media biased? J Prasch 4:48
The Rapture
What is the rapture? J Prasch 4:11
Rapture J Prasch 44:05
Is there any escape? J Prasch 4:23


What is the End Times?

The study of the end times (known as eschatology) on is investigated by looking at a number of biblical texts foretelling events relating to the end of the world (era) as we now know it.

While Armageddon, global destruction and doomsday are terms often associated with the apocalyptic period known as the 'end-times', 'end of days' and 'last days', these speakers present a more balanced and accurate account of these well prophesied events which include hope, a way of escape and triumph.

Speakers also examine some of the many predicted signs and events associated with the end time such as the tribulation, rise of the antichrist, global control, rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem, spiritual apostasy, return of the Lord and His millennial reign.

Latest Additions to the End Times Channel

As featured on The Bible and Apologetics Channels, Dr Peter Williams provides viewers his insight to the end times with the titles "The Jews grafted back in" and "The Lord's coming".

In addition, Jacob Prasch's return to the GV247 studios has added the titles, "Tribulation viewpoints" and "Rapture".