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The documentary
CG model overview J Hitchen 2:52
Heart to heart interview
The Escape J Prasch 2:03
Extra Interviews
Bible vs Nostradamous J Prasch 3:50
Prophecies on TDP J Prasch 1:50
Biblical Christianity J Prasch 4:18
Mt of Olives J Prasch 4:01
Who was Daniel? J Prasch 5:19


What is The Daniel Project Documentary?

Five years research, two years in the making; acclaimed and gripping, The Daniel Project is a 90 minute feature length documentary for our time. It is a genuine investigative documentary that puts ancient end-time predictions under a journalistic microscope. It is a documentary about Bible Prophecy and deals with a collection of writings that claim to predict the path of modern human history and signs of its eventual destruction.

"Stunning inescapable logic… this film should be on everyone's shelf."

The film begins with the presenter, self-confessed atheist and voice-over artist Jeremy Hitchen, accepting the challenge to investigate the plausibility of ancient prophecies.

These titles, taken from the behind-the-scenes section of the DVD, include a meeting between the project's sceptical presenter, Jeremy, and Bible expositor, Jacob Prasch.

"Excellent, precise, direct &honest.  A refreshing change from the apocalyptic movies circulating."

Armed with a dossier, Jeremy investigates each prophecy with the help of expert contributor interviews, location filming and news archive. In turn, he shares his own thoughts and findings with the viewer.

A few of the prophecies examined are the return of Israel, rise of the beast, its financial hold and the battle of Armageddon.